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A 10 Minute Yoga Nidra Non-Sleep Deep Rest Meditation. In this meditation, we are introduced to the first half of the 61 points of Yoga Nidra, a healing practice for deep relaxation and renewed vitality that brings profound levels of rest to the body and nervous system, as well as to the senses and the mind.
Non-Sleep Deep Rest is a term that is now being used to describe the Ancient practice of yoga nidra. Studies done on these mediations reveal that meditation can slow down brain wave frequency, similar to when you're in a deep sleep. As you enter into the same brain waves in yoga nidra that you would during "slow wave sleep," you are able to experience similar healing and rejuvenating benefits to this phase of sleep. Studies show "a greater percentage of growth hormone is released during this stage. Growth hormone promotes tissue growth and repair and also plays a role in enhancing your mental capacity." #yoganidra #sleepmeditation #yoganidrameditation #yogaforsleep #guidedmediation Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v87BX0bJK8Y

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Free Yoga Poses eBook


Download Our Yoga Power Poses Cheat Sheet Guide