October 6, 2021

Babywearing Postpartum Workout (Exercise With Baby) 20-Minute Postnatal Workout

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Join me for this 20-minute babywearing workout/postpartum workout (Exercise with baby)! You can get a good postnatal workout in while baby enjoys (or even falls asleep). Diastasis Recti Healing Guide: https://bit.ly/3fSE4lO
Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Course (includes 4 meal plans by Dietitian): http://bit.ly/2mjlsF5
Guide to postpartum weight loss while increasing breastmilk supply: http://bit.ly/3gST0C9
Postpartum Monthly Workout Plan: https://bit.ly/2zZxQkI
Foods to increase milk supply: https://bit.ly/37nnoBy POSTPARTUM COOL DOWN STRETCH: https://youtu.be/-JODkvrLzhI Some other videos you may enjoy: 15 minute postpartum workout: https://youtu.be/zCd1mB2EETw
After c-section exercises: https://youtu.be/HDuJXvfuQCI
Postnatal Pilates and Core Healing: https://youtu.be/p4BP4CU4_8M Diastasis Recti Exercises Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRuFBUMIEg8BibcDkZNyq9spZcjOLeDSa
Diaphragmatic Breathing Video: https://youtu.be/ThKahimNQP0
How to engage your core correctly: https://youtu.be/2ZJQgqOYNZ0 *Check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise routine. Wait until you get clearance (usually 4-6 weeks or 6-8 weeks after a c-section). Don't do anything that feels painful or unsafe. Don't do any movement that causes you pain, discomfort or doming of your stomach. You are responsible for your own safety. Full disclaimer at the bottom. More free resources: —- "THE BEST 4 SCIENTIFIC-BASED DIETS (LIFESTYLES) TO LOSE WEIGHT" with all 4 types of meal plans (KETO, PLANT-BASED, MEDITERRANEAN AND CALORIE COUNTING)
https://www.pregnancyandchildhoodnutrition.com/weightloss —- "HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT AND INCREASE BREAST MILK SUPPLY"
https://www.pregnancyandchildhoodnutrition.com/milksupply —- "THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO COPE WITH PAIN IN LABOR" https://www.pregnancyandchildhoodnutrition.com/labor-e-book —-Pregnancy Yoga Cards
https://www.pregnancyandchildhoodnutrition.com/yoga-cards —-Pregnancy Meal Plan
https://www.pregnancyandchildhoodnutrition.com/meal-plan Jessica Pumple is a certified bariatric and diabetes educator, dietitian, and pre & postnatal fitness instructor. She helps pregnant women stay fit, have healthy babies, and easier labors. She helps new moms with postpartum recovery, to heal and strengthen their core and lose the baby weight. If you enjoy our content subscribe to our channel, hit the bell button, leave a comment and share with your friends so I can make you more of the videos you enjoy! Disclaimer: This is general postnatal fitness only. Please check with your doctor or health care provider to see if this video is safe for you. You are responsible for your own safety. Don’t do anything that feels unsafe for you or baby. Stop if you have any pain or discomfort, bleeding, chest pain or shortness of breath, dizziness or if you feel unwell. P&P Health Inc., Pregnancy and Postpartum TV and Jessica Pumple are not liable in any way for any injury, loss, damages, costs or expenses suffered by you in relation to this video or its content. Music: Epidemic Sound Copyright 2021 P&P Health Inc. All rights reserved #babywearing #postpartumworkout #exercisewithbaby Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDNnCSlD_E0

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