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Four practical life tactics to help life optimize the best version of yourself, continue to set goals & meet them, and to further your expansion and growth as a human being here on earth.  
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» Save the Dogs!
» BOOKS the creative path- Rick Rubin the artist way- Julian Cameron the calling – Rasha
the journey of souls- Michael newton 01:20 Welcome
02:35 seaweed 06:05 what can we do?
08:24 how to become the best version
09:15 advice for burnout & depression
09:55 resistence
11:05 flow state of mind
13:00 Aubrey Marcus
14:05 the things you are avoiding
15:16 PART 1- growth
15:50 the risks of coasting
16:59 the jungle always takes the village
17:48 Ascension the program
18:05 limitless and belief 19:23 stars and destruct. 22:10 always asking whats next
23:00 speaking of things before their time
24:05 PART FOUR- redefining failure
25:17 our ‘failure’ learning Spanish 26:013 boho beautiful yoga retreats?
27:50 most important lesson of yoga
30:35 PART THREE- self awareness
32:05 social media is a danger & mirror
34:40 how do we handle our own social media?
35:45 The Moon Landin Hoax
40:55 American government in the 60s
41:41 The medias distraction & manipulation
45:37 PART FOUR- the power of your attention
47:05 Question Answer Period
47:12 Book recommendations
50:55 The Boy The Mole The Fox & The Horse
55:25 The Departure ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ #bohobeautiful #livestream #optimization Boho Beautiful is Juliana Spicoluk & Mark Spicoluk Source

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Free Yoga Poses eBook


Download Our Yoga Power Poses Cheat Sheet Guide