What Should You Do With Your Legs In Standing Poses? – 200 Hour Teacher Training Snippet

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The hips evolved with an inclination towards stability. The true center of gravity of humans is at the center of the upper part of the pelvic bowl. If our yoga practice is going to affirm our life off of the mat, it is prudent to practice in a way that honors our body’s functionality. The way we honor our hips when we take them into various unfamiliar ranges of motions is by entering those ranges of motion with a certain level of stability. It is difficult for most people to create the necessary isometric contractions that foster pelvic stability, which is why yoga teachers often cue to squeeze your feet towards each other. This action creates isometric contractions that stabilize the pelvis. With the muscles around your hips firing, it becomes feasible to orient your bones in the proper way, and creates a heat that inspires apana vayu or downward flowing energy. This energy enables physical manifestations of trauma to be expelled and helps practitioners get into their legs which helps them feel more grounded. After getting the leg muscles to hug on in support you can keep those muscles firing without drawing your feet isometrically towards each other by holding the sensation associated with the engagement in your mind’s eye. Maintaining engagement in this way, enables you to push the bones of your legs in the opposite direction (down and away) which brings you into a more pronounced relationship with earth and creates a ‘root down, rise up’ phenomenon. Another way to look at it that you create container within which to expand. This technique is not the only way, but it is a skillful way to move energy in standing poses. Early-bird registration for our next Weekend Track 200 Hour YTT ends in ONE WEEK on 2/20. If you’re interested in deepening your practice or sharing high level yoga with other and want to take advantage of a 10% discount on tuition. Tap the link in our bio and get your deposit in! If you’d like to set up a Zoom call regarding the program, comment or message me and we’ll set it up. Please and subscribe, comment and share this video Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zty77iWWHm4

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Free Yoga Poses eBook


Download Our Yoga Power Poses Cheat Sheet Guide