🥺🥺Sincere Apology To My 4 Year Old … #shorts

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My apologies used to sound like this: “I’m sorry I yelled, BUT if you had just listened and got into the car…” This is an example of an INSINCERE APOLOGY which left my kids feeling unseen, hurt and frustrated. An insincere apology isn’t meaningful and can often worsen a situation. (Of course they did not just get into the car after) My genuine apology example is at the bottom👇 An apology:
✨ Uses the words “I’m sorry”
✨ Says WHAT you are sorry for (to demonstrate to them you understand what you are sorry for)
✨ Acknowledges their feelings ✨ Accepts FULL responsibility
✨Asks HOW to make amends ✨Commits to NOT doing it again An apology doesn’t place blame or make excuses (BUT if you had …) Even if your child does have responsibility for what happened, DURING your apology is not the time to address it. These are NOT apologies:
💔 I’m sorry you feel hurt
💔 I’m sorry you misinterpreted what I said
💔 You misunderstood me
💔 I feel sorry for any harm I may have caused
💔 I’m sorry, BUT…
💔 I’m sorry we fought (sharing blame)
💔 I was just doing the best I could in the situation
💔 I forgive myself … I’m human By age 3 children can grasp morality and will understand a genuine apology. I’ve read that parents often don’t apologize because they are afraid it makes them look weak or that they will get “taken advantage of”. Research shows it strengthens your bond with your child. It also shows them it’s okay to make mistakes and how to apologize as well. WHAT HAPPENED: Last night, I was trying to get the kids to bed. Jeff is away. They weren’t listening and I lost my cool. This is what my apology sounds like now: MY APOLOGY TO OCTAVIA: I’m sorry I yelled. I can see that it was scary and made you feel sad. You didn’t deserve to be yelled at. I was tired myself and I lost my cool and I shouldn’t have yelled at you, it was not your fault. How can I make you feel better? I will try my very best not to yell again. Next time I’ll try taking some deep breaths to calm myself. What other tips/feedback do you have? I’m always learning and growing as a mother and person #apology #howtoaplogize #consciousparenting #consciousparent #gentleparenting #gentleparent Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwZF59UvfMo

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Free Yoga Poses eBook


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